Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blogging is an form of EXPRESSING the SOUL

As many can see on here, I haven't had any recent posts about the Presidential campaigns or debates,but that's ALL going to change! We need to get up and make sure that our friends,family,co-workers, and etc. are ready for a new leader! This is a serious matter because what ever happens next is going to go down in American history. How can we make sure that we choose the right candidate? "Research!" is the key in my eyes because with out it, one can form a proper evaluation of the potential candidates. Obama or McCain? If you are interested in watching the debates live you can watch via Myspace.com and or on different local online television forums. Or you can follow with the following link: http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/debates/

Twitter Experience

OK I was a little skeptical at first about getting on another social media network because I've been trying to remove myself from the networks as I move on in life and I felt that it was useless and it's not as important as it use to be I thought. So I joined Twitter thinking that It was going to be not as informational and a waste of time. I couldn't be more WRONG! The first day of twitter.com was a little confusing but after a few hours I got the hang of it and I was following people and other people started to follow me. I find twitter to be extremely valuable for any person studying to be in the Public Relation profession or anyone already in it. On twitter, you can view others followers and click to follow them if one wishes to do so. This is a plus because it allows for faster networking capabilities. Twitter also allows you to follow someone for a period of time and after you decide that the person or company u are following isn't of interest anymore you can temporarily or permanently stop following them. Another feature I like about twitter is the direct messages that one can send. It allows some things to remain private. Twitter is very informative forums that can be used to expand your social media etiquette as well as expand your knowledge in the P.R world. I know I will continue to use twitter and actively engaged in the many different discussion forum provided by the many informative twitter followers.