Thursday, April 17, 2008

McCain winning back unwanted votes?

John McCain has attracted disgruntled GOP voters, independents and even some moderate Democrats who shunned his party last fall.Partly thanks to an increasingly likable image, the Republican presidential candidate has pulled even with the two Democrats still brawling for their party's nomination, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo! So what does this mean for Hillary Climton and Barack Obama? Well we can only wait and see...I believe that McCain has as chance to coming back in the race against the two main Competitors Obama and Clinton. But honestly, I don't believe that he is a great candidate for the job because of his age. Like many people and myself has been saying," I believe that this generation coming up is needs people who actually understand the generation not a older man who still needs to be filled in the time gap....between the future leaders of America as I see it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Bitter" is such a strong Word

Barack Obama started wishing to choose his words after some voters became offended when he called them, "Bitter." The associated Press said, "Obama responded that while his phrasing was ``clumsy,'' the furor over the remarks was a distraction. Many voters are angry because they ``don't think that government is listening to them,'' he said. If these candidates don't speak the truth and or hear someone speak the many truths about individuals in this country then we are only setting ourselves up for failure. I say this because if he didn't ever say it you would have never known what he really thought and honesty is the best key, regardless of how many peolple can accept it.

"According to the A.P"

Who's leading Who?

Well at the current moment, Barack Obama is still leading Hillary Clinton by two states, If Hillary Clinton plans on winning she needs to win the next three states to even be considered still for the 2008 presidential election. According to the Associated Press, There was a poll done that states: The poll also shows a racial divide, particularly among lower-income whites who are strongly behind Clinton.
In North Carolina, Clinton has a 49 to 31 percent lead among whites without a college degree. In Pennsylvania, whites who earn less than $40,000 support Clinton by a 55 percent to 27 percent margin. Similarly, blacks are giving Obama overwhelming support, including by a 71 percent to 6 percent margin in North Carolina.
The poll also shows a huge gap in preferences among the young and the old. In Indiana, voters age 18 to 44 support Obama by a margin of 51 percent to 26 percent, while those older than 45 back Clinton by a 12-point margin.
Obama has a big lead among younger voters in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, too, while Clinton generally does better with older voters, except in North Carolina.

Obama dissmisses Clitons Criticism wasnt Racially pushed

As we all know politics everyone says can have a positive spin or negative spin put on in. And Guess who the contenders are? That's Right! Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. According to the Assosiated Press, Obama on Tuesday dismissed a voter's suggestion that when Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton called him elitist it "bordered on uppity." Now if you ask me that's pushing it. How do I think gender and race is playing a big part in the way voters are going to perhaps vote? I say that both have the factors to look at regardless if people agree or disagree with those factors. Barack has to deal with racial factors which i believe is insane because if you ask me he should just say when asked whats his race? he should just reply "I'm the Human RACE!"and leave it at that.

Die Press Release! Die! Die! Die! Reaction

After Reading the Article on the Dead Press Release by Tom Foremski’s , I was shocked of all the many things mentioned in the article especially how the P.R Practioners shouldn't even bother writing the release only to get it turned down or changed. That was good point to an extent but I believe that press releases are necessary for any company to grow and maintain a relationship with the general public. The article was interesting in that the choice of words used and the arrangement in how he felt Press releases should include certain pages of information. I would also like to say that I felt he just kept blaming press releases on how the general public views information, which can be true but it's not only the framing of a press release that counts....It's the facts of Truthful information that counts...But it's something to think about; Should the press release be killed? I think not, but what do you think?

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