Friday, March 28, 2008

P.R World

Many people are turning to the internet for media use and P.r Practioners are out on the prowl looking for similar things to such as trends in the fast life of media. A media that is recently being used by P.R Professionals,entertainment industry, as well as the general public is Why is that? Ho is this affecting the younger genrations. As a upcoming Professional P.R. person I must say that thre's some work that needs to be done. Comments and or facts? Thanks

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Presidential Campaign...Over for Hillary?

It has been said that Hillary has lost the race against Barack Obama because he has won so many states over. Now the Winner will have 2 def. go up against Mc Cain according to the associated press and I realy don't know what will happen if that's the case. But who do you think will be winning the majority of the presidential election? Do you think that person is going to benefit you as an American citizen? Do you feel you should stop Hillary because she's a Woman? If so that would make you a anti-femenist to an existent...And What about Obama just because his skin is light enough to be a white man why should that be and issue? Just because his skin tone isn't dark enough why should that be an reason why he shouldn't be a potential president? All these non-important reasons are being repeated in the media, but why should we focus on history or racism and prejudice? By focusing on being an GLOBAL citizen and Global pro-active individual is important and the decisions made should be based on that aspect as well.

P.R Stereotypes

As a P.R. Student in my Senior year of college i've always heard that people believe P.R practioners are untruthful to the public, which by the way is NOT true! The role and job of a P.R practioner is to maintain the relationship of it's general public and an organization to ensure everyones needs are being met constantly. What's considered ethical to one individual is different with many p.r cases and sometimes doing the wrong thing might be the right thing or is it? As a growing practioner in the p.r. field I must say that there is alot of research involved in order to keep the credibility valuable. As a P.r Practioner It is very important to me that the public is aware that p,r practioners are not out to make the big bucks and get the spot light with the entertainment industry, but we also work for hospitals, schools, and many other organizations that may need help finding out information between them and their target audience. What kind of ethical P.R practioner are you? One for one or a One for ALL?

P.R. Writing Class

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pointing Fingers!

According to yahoo news, The papers and the blogs are full of stories about fingerpointing, recriminations and strategic disarray in the Clinton camp entering tonight's debate, as they try out various lines of attack ranging from graciousness to blaming the press to challenging his readiness to serve, his fliers, and his supposed efforts to distract voters from the real issues. Won't revenge be sweet if Hillary somehow turns it around, which is still not impossible? But, it is somewhat unlikely. The smartest quote of the morning comes from Dem strategist Steve McMahon in the Times, who summarizes the present difficulty of drawing the forceful contrasts with Obama that are probably necessary to shift momentum:
“There’s a general rule in politics: A legitimate distinction which could be effective when drawn early in the campaign often backfires and could seem desperate when it happens in the final hours of a campaign.” This was posted by another blogger; By John Riley on February 26,......Who all Agrees to this? I know my stance! What's yours?