Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Presidential Campaign...Over for Hillary?

It has been said that Hillary has lost the race against Barack Obama because he has won so many states over. Now the Winner will have 2 def. go up against Mc Cain according to the associated press and I realy don't know what will happen if that's the case. But who do you think will be winning the majority of the presidential election? Do you think that person is going to benefit you as an American citizen? Do you feel you should stop Hillary because she's a Woman? If so that would make you a anti-femenist to an existent...And What about Obama just because his skin is light enough to be a white man why should that be and issue? Just because his skin tone isn't dark enough why should that be an reason why he shouldn't be a potential president? All these non-important reasons are being repeated in the media, but why should we focus on history or racism and prejudice? By focusing on being an GLOBAL citizen and Global pro-active individual is important and the decisions made should be based on that aspect as well.

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