Thursday, March 27, 2008

P.R Stereotypes

As a P.R. Student in my Senior year of college i've always heard that people believe P.R practioners are untruthful to the public, which by the way is NOT true! The role and job of a P.R practioner is to maintain the relationship of it's general public and an organization to ensure everyones needs are being met constantly. What's considered ethical to one individual is different with many p.r cases and sometimes doing the wrong thing might be the right thing or is it? As a growing practioner in the p.r. field I must say that there is alot of research involved in order to keep the credibility valuable. As a P.r Practioner It is very important to me that the public is aware that p,r practioners are not out to make the big bucks and get the spot light with the entertainment industry, but we also work for hospitals, schools, and many other organizations that may need help finding out information between them and their target audience. What kind of ethical P.R practioner are you? One for one or a One for ALL?

P.R. Writing Class

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